While we're all getting ready and excited for LHD: Share coming up on March 28th-April 5th, we wanted to ensure you had something to do. 


Over and over again in our LHD: Build survey, we heard that your favorite part of the event was our technical livestreams led by MLHers. Throughout all of March we'll be running technical livestream content every single day. MLHers will be tackling technical problems live on stream with you. These events are friendly for beginners and experts alike. You'll get to see our team work through challenges live. These are an amazing opportunity to see how other hackers hack. 


Each of these livestreams will have a different, new topic, so check in each day to see what we're up to. 


This event open to hackers, all over the world. While we primarily work with student hackers or those who have graduated within the last 12 months, working professionals are also welcome to join us. Students can include high school students, university undergraduate or postgraduate students, and people who are in vocational training such as apprenticeships.

As per our Code of Conduct, there is no discrimination on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, economic status, veteran status, disability, or age.

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We won't be offering prizes for March Challenges!

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Major League Hacking

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    We won't be judging March Challenge projects!

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